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Post  Admin on Sat Sep 19, 2009 4:36 am


-You can only exit the battlemodes by losing or finishing the current mode or quitting the game.
- Highscores are read-only at the moment, you cant send your highscore yet.
- Save / Load isnt really worked out yet, only a few things are saved


-You can go to the main menu by pressing escape.
-You can move the elements of the user interface by right-clicking on them and left click to position (only in lobby & map).
-The chat is #defense-online on so dont worry if your all on your own ;(

-Magicians cooldown comes from spell power, Fighters cooldown comes from dexterity.

Current Version includes:

-Lvl 15 Arcade Cap
-11 Stages
-8 Skills
-3 Monsters
-8 Items
-7 Titles

random info:
removed dmg texts from soldiers to increase performance (25.09.09)
greatly increased performance by rendering damage texts outside battle-loop (19.09.09)


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